Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I know my teacher?

I know my teacher?

How is it that
We let our fears
Have such an
Unchecked controlling
Interest in our lives?

Does the desire
For imaginary safety
Grip us so tightly
That we compel
Danger into creation?

Those people, really
They are not like us!
Our reasons for revulsion
And anger, are
After all so reasonable

When did it become
So reasonable to choose
The different, changeable
And unexpected moments
As the lair of danger?

At what point did
We become so in tune
With all future events
We instantly divine who is
Our teacher with today’s lesson?

And who is not?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Energy center visualizations

For the moment just use these to get an idea what the various energy centers sort of look like and there relative placement. Don't get locked into colors or names or exact placement as we will talk about this in detail soon.

Remember, play, have fun and enjoy!

This is a nice side view that gives you a good idea of how the direction of energy moves through your body. When I talk about work that I am doing on you this is typically what I see and the "work" consists of moving energy in and out of the various centers to help them be more efficient at supporting you in letting go of all that no longer supports your highest good.