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Monday Moon Meditation for October 2, 2006

Gathering the wisdom of our Earth Mother and her daughter the Moon allows us to connect with the cycles of energy that flow through all life. Life on this planet benefits when we listen to the wisdom that flows between the wisest of all Crones, Gaia, and her daughter, the great Shaman, Luna. If we open our hearts and listen carefully their combined wisdom will guide and heal us.

The Lunation cycle and Mondays form a unique bond. Using our own innate power of intuition and by allowing our consciousness to gently rest at the point between our eyes (The 6th Chakra) while we meditate on the Moon and her energies we can tune into an ancient and primal power that our ancestors used to guide and empower their lives.

Here is this weeks Monday Moon Meditation.

Moon Rise 4:58 PM PDT, Portland OR
The Moon is in Aquarius at 12 degrees and 6 minutes.

This is a waxing Gibbous Moon in Air
Gibbous Moon Qualities:
The plant now is able to fully receive the energy of both the Sun and the earth and the first buds begin to grow.

This the time to fine tune our projects or ourselves to more closely resemble our goals and higher aspirations in life. We have the energy and drive now to fulfill our dreams.
Waxing Gibbous in Air:
Keyword: Promotion
Meaning: There is more light being shed on your idea now. Being confidant and enthusiastic will move you forward very quickly. Clarity is being called for here. Presenting your ideas clearly now will bring you closer to realizing your idea.

In Gemini: You have a grounded well thought out idea. You have done your research and it shows. Sell, sell, sell!

The Moon is in the 12th house:

12th House: Where we learn grow our spirit and the mystical dimensions of our soul.
Element: Water - Emotional, intuitive and romantic.
Influenced by: Neptune & Jupiter - Spiritual Growth.
House Sign: Pisces - Imagination, sensitivity and compassion.
12th House keywords: What is normally hidden, matters of spirit, spiritual growth, mystical experiences.

Lunar Mansion 25: Rebel
Ancient Name: Caalda / Butterfly
Influenced by: Uranus and Mercury

Thinking outside of the box is one thing, but can you live there? Are you willing to smash all conventional ideas and modes of expression? The genius of this time will inspire you to new heights of inspiration and creative expression. Those around you may appear to be “upside down” in their old ways. Of course to them you are the one who is exhibiting some unusual topsy-turvy behavior of your own. In fact for your ideas to be successful you may need to move beyond even your own, already quite expanded, comfort zone.

Freya: Aquarius / Air
What price are you willing to pay to get what you want? What you want may seem very precious. Even irresistible. Is it worth surrendering yourself to those who would only seek to take advantage of you? I should think not! This is not a time to be influenced by bright and shiny things. Look to your deepest heart and determine what is really important to you. Use your quick mind and your wild, passionate, creative strengths to bring into your life that which is of true and lasting value.

Freya's message for today:

Allow your deepest intuition guide you into fulfilling your dreams. Take time to look and feel. If you do those who would help you will easily stand out from those who outwardly seem nice, but will, in the end, only stand in your way.

This is a time of action, energy and heartfelt communication. A good time to take steps to make your inner dreams become more real. You may also be called upon to help with the dreams of loved ones and close friends.

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